hi - i love you douglas - speaking as a professional hairstylist and educator, thanks for the only useful dreadlock-coloring guide known to google Pharm22 - Very nice site! Kimberly Patterson - Your website is super helpful Lish. Thanks. be_gentle_love from stretched. richard larratt - you appear nasty but nice sam - luv posting, enjoy reading and viewing Brittany Nieves - Love your journal, You have even tempted me to start a nice head full of dreads. shesfearless - I was on your LJ info for some reason and followed the link telling me to sign your tag, so here I am. One of these days I'll come to Seattle and say hello in person. Froggie - I wish I wasn't all the way over here in Australia, I'd be right over there for my dreads. Yours are gorgeous, by the way. River - Cruel to be kind. Thank you so much, although I feel naughty for being here via Google-stumbling... Ang3 - you're snarky, lovely, and a library of knowledge. no patience for bs, yet a love for intelligence. you're making me happy as a clam out here in ns. brendon - thanks man, im in Cuba and no one knows how to tint dreads thanks. you've been plenty help, if you have any info on dread please forward them to me. frog - Always nice to see you around. tsal - sexchart.org 1.0 kittylicks - I have fallen into your website. I am wriggling around in your words. I also think I am in love. Halp.

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